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Disney Commissions Second Season Of 'Girl Meets World'

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‘Girl Meets World’, the spin-off series of the popular ‘90s kids sitcom ‘Boy Meets World’, has been snapped up by the Disney Channel for a second season before the first has even finished.

Girl Meets World Second Season On
'Girl Meets World' is set for a second series

Since its television debut on June 27th this year, ‘Girl Meets World’ has become the top ranked TV show among children aged 2 to 14, but the appeal is apparently not just restricted to them.

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Picture - Rowan Blanchard and Ben Savage... Madrid Spain, Monday 21st July 2014

Rowan Blanchard and Ben Savage - 'Riley Y El Mundo' (Girl Meets World) photocall held at the Hotel ME - Madrid, Spain - Monday 21st July 2014

Reasons Why 'Girl Meets World' Just Doesn't Work

Tags: Rowan Blanchard - Sabrina Carpenter - Ben Savage - Danielle Fishel

Whether Boy Meets World was a part of your childhood from the very beginning or wasn’t something you experienced until later in your teens, it’s safe to say that anyone that had a connection with the television show never exactly grew out of it. The timeless sitcom had a charm to it that kept it relevant for years well after its conclusion over 14 years ago. Since then, people have been calling for a movie, or a reunion episode -- anything that would allow some more Cory and Topanga in our lives. Well, we got our wish with Girl Meets World, but it sadly just doesn’t live up to expectations.

Rowan Blanchard TCARowan Blanchard is Riley in Girl Meets World

Girl Meets World still gets the benefit of the doubt for a few reasons: 1. The theme song is amazing, 2. We really, really hope the series turns out as good as it could be, and 3. It’s only the pilot episode. With that said, the first episode streaming online before its airing on June 27 was extremely disappointing. First off, Girl Meets World desperately tries to recreate Boy Meets World’s magic by emulating the same exact characters: the main character Riley, who is Cory and Topanga’s daughter, has a best friend Maya -- she’s basically the female version of Shawn Hunter, but not nearly as cool. Meanwhile, one of Maya and Riley’s classmates, a kid named Farkle, is quite obviously supposed to be the new Minkus, but much more obnoxious, and it’s not in a good way.

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Here's Why The 'Girl Meets World' Trailer Is Totally Great

Tags: Rowan Blanchard - Ben Savage - Danielle Fishel

We were uber excited to finally get a sneak preview of the much anticipated Girl Meets World. The first cheeky trailer was released, and although it may have been just 30 seconds long it was still an unadulterated Matthews family fun fest!

Rowan Blanchard GMW Rowan Blanchard definitely looks the part of Corey and Topanga's daughter

We finally got a look in at Corey and Topanga’s daughter, 12 year old Riley Matthews, played by Rowan Blanchard. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, who played Corey and Topanga respectively in the original Boy Meets World, also pop up, making fans of BMW extremely nostalgic to see their favourite characters all grown up.  However, it was heart warming to see that the childhood sweethearts are still happily together, although this is Disney, we doubt there will be a disasterous divorce sub-plot!

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Why We Can't Wait For 'Girl Meets World' To Start

Tags: Danielle Fishel - Ben Savage - Rowan Blanchard

People say “they just don’t make television shows like they used to”, well, they’re giving it a shot! Long running show Boy Meets World is being resurrected, with a couple of the characters we know and love, and a few more on top. Renamed Girl Meets World the show will focus on Cory and Topanga’s 12 year old daughter, Riley Matthews, played by Rowan Blanchard.

Rowan Blanchard GMW 11 year old Rowan Blanchard has been cast as Riley Matthews

When Boy Meets World began in 1993 Cory Matthews was in the sixth grade, so it’s incredibly exciting to see him all grown up with a family of his own. We can’t believe the time has gone so quickly. Ben Savage and Danielle Fisher will reprise their roles as childhood sweethearts, Cory and Topanga, who are now living in New York City and dealing with life as a married couple with a teenage daughter.

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'Boy Meets World' Star Danielle Fishel Weds Long-Time Beau Tim Belusko

Tags: Danielle Fishel - Ben Savage - Rider Strong

Danielle Fishel has met her own boy and introduced him to the world as her husband this weekend after tying the knot in an intimate Californian ceremony. 32-year-old Fishel wedded her boyfriend of 5 years, 25-year-old Tim Belusko, in front of a small gathering of friends and family on Saturday, 19 October, Us Weekly reported.

Danielle Fishel
Fishel's marriage to Tim was her first

Fishel began attending California State University aged 27 and according to her Tumblr blog it was here, whilst she was working as a maths tutor, that she met Belusko. The two became engaged in May 2012, the same year she graduate from college. Both events were chronicled in her Tumblr page.

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