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The Hamels Foundation 4th Annual Diamonds And Denim Charity Event

Frank Neuschaefer, Ben Cross, Cole Hamels, heidi hamels, Chris Bukowski and Craig Robinson - The Hamels Foundation 4th Annual Diamonds and Denim Charity Event with the Phillies, Lifehouse and 6ABC Bachelor contestants - Philadelphia, PA, United States - Thursday 15th August 2013

Ben Cross, Frank Neuschaefer, Cole Hamels, Heidi Hamels, Chris Bukowski and Craig Robinson

Chariots Of Fire Premiere Held At The Empire Leicester Square - Arrivals

Ben Cross Monday 9th July 2012 Chariots of Fire premiere held at the Empire Leicester Square - Arrivals

Ben Cross
Ben Cross

Chariots Of Fire Trailer

We all know the soundtrack, those simple few chords that have backed many great sporting moment have become synonymous in the sporting world. Now, after 31 years since it's initial release, the true story of two very different runners in the 1924 Paris Olympics will be released once again, this time in full digitalised glory, as Chariots of Fire is set to be released once more as part of the London 2012 Festival.

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William And Kate Movie To Star Nico Evers-swindell

Kate Middleton Ben Cross Prince Charles Mark Rosman

‘William and Kate The Movie’, a film adaptation of the forthcoming royal wedding between PRINCE WILLIAM OF WALES and Kate Middleton is set to begin filming. There has been much speculation in recent weeks as to who would win the rights to create the film, and US company ‘Lifetime’ have emerged victorious, reports the UK’s Sun newspaper.

The studio have already cast the leading man in the movie, with New Zealand actor NICO EVERS-SWINDELL set to take up the role of the Prince. Swindell has previously starred in the movie ‘Edge of Darkness’ as well as in the US drama show NCIS: Los Angeles, however, ‘William and Kate’ will represent his first major role. Actor Ben Cross has signed up to play the role of Prince Charles, but the part of Middleton is yet to be cast. A spokesman from Lifetime said the movie will not just focus on the wedding, but the couple’s entire history together, “from the moment the two students met at Scotland's prestigious University of St Andrews”.

‘William and Kate’ is set to be produced by FRANK KONIGSBERG, with ‘Ghost Whisperer’s’ Mark Rosman directing the screenplay. The movie is being written by NANCEY SILVERS.

Chariots Of Fire Review

If nothing else, Chariots of Fire stands as a unique entry into the history of cinema: Its soundtrack is much more famous than the film itself. Ask anyone to sing the title song and they'll do it in a heartbeat. Ask them what the movie was actually about and you'll probably get shrugs and a mumbled comment about running.

Today, that Vangelis score -- produced when everyone thought the synthesizer was a really cool idea -- probably wouldn't win the Oscar it won in 1981. And whether Chariots itself would win Best Picture (among the total of four awards it was bestowed) is a matter for debate.

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The Exorcist: The Beginning Review


Repossessed Again By Jeffrey M. Anderson This poor series has gone through nothing but trouble. According to the author of the original book, William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist (1973) was plagued by strange occurrences. The sequel, Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977) suffered the most horrendous opening in history, and was recalled and re-edited with little success. The third film, Exorcist III, directed by Blatty, went virtually ignored. And now the fourth film has the strangest history of all. Warner Brothers originally commissioned Paul Schrader to direct the film -- a wise move, considering that Schrader is one of the best and gutsiest filmmakers around. He's not only made blistering dramas like Blue Collar and Affliction, but he's also experienced at horror films like Cat People (1982). According to various reports, Schrader finished his film and turned it in. Warner Brothers complained that it was not scary enough and demanded that Schrader do re-shoots. When Schrader refused, they reshot the film with Renny Harlin ( The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Driven ) -- not the greatest director aroundðat the helm. And this is the version that Warner Brothers has decided to release in theaters -- even though they didn't like it enough to screen it for the press. (They screened it on a Thursday night, after most deadlines had past.) Schrader's version still exists, and reports indicate that Warner Brothers will release it later this year on a double-disc DVD set alongside Harlin's version. I have my guess as to which one will be better. Harlin's version plays not unlike Exorcist II. It's a huge mess with passages of great beauty, juxtaposed with a few truly scary moments and a bunch of hokum and stupidity. Stellan Skarsgard stars as a younger version of Father Merrin, the older exorcist played by Max Von Sydow in the 1973 film. Having survived WWII and seen his share of horrors at the hands of the Nazis, Merrin has given up the cloak and become a hard-drinking archeologist. He's hired to travel to Kenya, where an old church has been discovered, to bring back an artifact reported to be inside. When he gets there, he discovers that things are not as they should be. There's a big upside-down cross and the church has been purposely buried. Plus, all kinds of weird things start happening, such as a still-born baby covered with maggots or a previous archeologist gone stark raving mad. Photographed by the extraordinary Vittorio Storaro ( Last Tango in Paris, Apocalypse Now ), the film looks amazing, bathed in sandy golds and shimmering heat. Skarsgard helps with his measured performance of a tormented, brooding, intelligent man. The early passages of quiet detective work and hushed conversations work the best. Then the film goes on a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, mixing brilliantly scary scenes and utterly brain-dead ones. In one silly scene, Merrin wonders about the origin of a series of graves and begins digging them up -- at night. He also digs a perfect rectangle in the dirt before he strikes the coffin lid. Even William Friedkin's original Exorcist isn't really as great as everyone imagines it to be. It's a bit quieter and slower than many films today, and it seems more intelligent, but it's really just a more exaggerated version of a standard gore-fest. In that light, Exorcist: The Beginning doesn't stray too far from the quality of the previous three films. In other words, it doesn't disappoint. Not unless, like me, you were looking forward to the Schrader version.

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