Psst, wanna see what C. Thomas Howell looks like now that he's almost 40? With a freaky spray-on tan and slicked-back hair, Howell is starting to look like the "Let's get ready to rumble!" guy.

Here Howell finds himself in the unlikely role of Addison Terrill, a high-powered Dallas lawyer who's married to a freaky wife (Sean Young) and in a rocky marriage that has to be enhanced by make-believe visits to his office. Pretty soon, the wife is dead, and one of Addison's old opponents (a guy he sent to prison) is on parole and, apparently, on the hunt. Did he kill the wife? Well, we don't really have any other suspects, so what else are we supposed to think. An hour and a half goes by as Addison plays vigilante with old pal Vargas (Giancarlo Esposito). Did they get their man? Is it the right man?

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