'Runner, Runner' doesn't seem to be worth the gamble of going to see it as the new crime thriller performed poorly on opening night and the reviews aren't betting on a late box office serge. The poorly received flop opened this Friday (Oct 4th) and grossed a dismal $2.8 million, there is also concern it won't reach the $8 million mark by the end of the three-day opening.

runner, runner
Timberlake teaming with Affleck was not a successful partnership

The gambling movie had stiff competition as the critically acclaimed sci-fi drama, 'Gravity' was also released on the same day and that earned a gross figure of $17.5 million, eclipsing the 20th Century Fox Production, which was totally financed by New Regency who partnered with Leonardo Dicaprio's Appian Way Productions.

'Runner, Runner', which also stars Gemma Arterton and Anthony Mackie, was directed by Brad Furman and it depicts a Princeton University student called Richie, (Timberlake) who loses all his tuition fee money on whilst gambling online. Richie is convinced he has been conned and travels to Costa-Rica to confront the swindler, Ivan Block (Affleck), but nothing could prepare poor old Richie for what he got himself into.

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Critics have unanimously gave the movie underwhelming reviews;

Liam Lacy of the Globe And Mail thought the film "Takes us inside the world of Internet gambling which proves every bit as fascinating as you'd imagine, by which I mean, not at all".

Xan Brooks of The Guardian continued the onslaught by saying, "This is a lazy, trashy film that barely goes through the motions".

Kyle Smith of The New York Post refers to Affleck's performance, branding him with a new nickname "He's back! Behold, the second coming of .?.?. Badfleck".

'Runner, Runner' finished at No.3 in the box office charts, behind 'Gravity' at No.1 and the 3D family animated movie 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2' which grossed $4.7 million, at No.2. These positions are expected to remain the same over the weekend.

'Runner, Runner' was released in theatres on October 4th 2013.

justin timberlake gemma arterton
Gemma Arterton played Timerlake's love interest in 'Runner, Runner'