Ben Affleck has had a huge amount of 'hits', in fact, the more involved he is in the creation of a film, the more successful it seems to be. 'Good Will Hunting' which he co-penned with Matt Damon won a plethora of awards, as did his directorial success 'Gone Baby Gone', so it's no surprise that 'Argo', directed by and starring Affleck, is doing very well with the critics in its first week of release.

'Argo' is a politically driven thriller, based on a true story of the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, in which 6 American diplomats were kidnapped, and the subsequent mission to save them.

It currently has a 93% 'fresh' rating on, which puts it right in the top few of this year's releases so far. While the Telegraph described it as “gripping, urgent, funny and weighty”, and Empire praised its “great performances, palpable thrills and... intelligent subtext”, rounding off its review referring to it as “Another fine movie: let's hope there are more like this to follow”, in stark contrast, Time Magazine considers it merely 'so-so'. TimeOut also seems to be unconvinced by the entire thing, their quip that “These ’70s beards and polyesters look straight out of a high-school play” certainly seems a little harsh, and merely watching the trailer one can ascertain that they are simply nitpicking.

Overall it seems that this film will be a crowd pleaser, though, as with any film, receiving a few grumbles for the sake of grumbling.