Ben Affleck has had a strong career ever since his 1997 mass award winning collaboration with Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting. Since then he has continuously pushed his own boundaries by taking on a variety of roles acting, as well as directing numerous movies, including this year's Argo. For all these reasons and more Entertainment Weekly chose Affleck as their entertainer of the year for 2012. 

Affleck will be gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly, a special edition for their entertainers of the year. In an exclusive interview he told the magazine what the accolade meant to him. 

"I had very low expectations for Argo's performance," he said. "I just hoped that over time people would find the movie. Also, being at a place in my life and my career where I know what I'm trying to do, it's different than being 26. When you're younger and have the early success that I had - it sounds like the worst Hallmark cliché - but I didn't have anyone to share it with. I don't mean I wanted someone to sit by the fire with. But when you have a family and children, you kind of see yourself reflected in them. I want to make the kinds of movies that my kids are proud of. I have higher standards, in a way, for them." 

Argo is currently in cinemas and is said to be the main film battling Lincoln for all the top prizes when award season comes around. If nothing else its guaranteed a good few nominations for best picture.  The last critically acclaimed project that he was involved in was his movie Gone Baby Gone in 2007 and prior to that Good Will Hunting, in 1997. It seems that the films that he only appears in, rather than writing, directing or producing, have never garnered quite as much praise as those that are his own creation. This is certainly testament to his great talent. Congrats!