Of course, given the amazing awards season that he’s having, it’s very easy for Ben Affleck to now be magnanimous about his snub for the best director category at this month’s Oscars, but he did insist that he was more than happy for those that had made the grade.

Affleck was, like many others involved in the February 24 awards, at the Oscars luncheon held at the Beverly Hills ballroom yesterday (February 4, 2013), and reflected on his film Argo, as well as the merits of his rivals. “The period of time that I’ve been able to spend talking about the movie and exploring the movie with journalists and audiences has been really satisfying because the script Chris wrote has all these interesting themes [and covers] a very broad spectrum of stuff” he spoke of the promotional trail for his film. “I’ve worked on movies where I’ve run out of things to say at the junket after 15 seconds.”

Ben Affleck at the DGAs 2013

Ben Affleck - see here at the Directors Guild of America Awards - has been dominating awards season

He also chose to concentrate on the eight movies up against him in the best picture category, rather than the best director section which he isn’t involved in. “There are nine amazing movies, any of which could and deserve to win” he said, before dismissing the director snub, “I don’t get into worrying too much about who got what. We got seven nominations including Best Picture. I’m elated, truly genuinely thrilled by that.” Going on to praise his competitors, Affleck commented “This is a rich, robust group of filmmakers and I’m just happy to be rubbing elbows with them. I just feel so incredibly honored to be nominated as a producer; to be here at the big party. You know, I’ve had many, many, many, many years watching from home.” With Argo sweeping the board at the Producers and Directors Guild Awards, as well as the Critics Choice Awards and Golden Globes, it is now nailed-on favourite to take home the best picture, ahead of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

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