Entertainer Of The Year? We’re not so sure we’d call Ben Affleck entertaining – for a while he had a bit of a reputation as being a bit of a bore – but there’s no denying that he’s served up audiences some tasty fare this year in the form of Argo, a film he both acted in and directed.

That’s been enough in the eyes of Entertainment Weekly – who you’d think would know a thing or two about it given their name – for them to put him at the top of fifty names in their annual Entertainer Of The Year poll. Nice one Benners. Paying tribute to Affleck, Argo producer George Clooney said “Hollywood loves a comeback, and he’s an unbelievable comeback kid”; true enough, Affleck is back on top after a decade of hits and misses.

Entertainment Weekly themselves commented “Having captivated moviegoers both in front of and behind the camera with Argo, Ben Affleck earned the number one spot on our annual list of the most talented and original performers who entertained us in 2012.” They added “Fifteen years after he bounded onto the Hollywood scene in 1997′s Good Will Hunting, the 40-year-old Affleck is now older and wiser — and may very well be headed back to the Oscar stage for his political thriller about the real-life covert CIA mission that freed six diplomats from Tehran during the Iran hostage crisis.”