Ben Affleck is the star of Argo and he was the star of its London premiere last night. The 40 year-old actor and director, who seems to be roundly acknowledged these days as being one of the "good guys", was in great form at the event in Leicester Square, looking dapper in his blue suit and taking plenty of time to sign autographs for his fans, in between clowning about with the film's co-stars John Goodman and Brian Cranston.

'Argo' has had a storming festival season and there are mutterings going around the film industry that it could well become a forerunner for the Oscars, and certainly Affleck moved with the confidence of a man who knew that he'd done a good job. The film was being show in London as part of the London Film Festival, and the humble Affleck said that he was "honoured to have a film in the London Film Festival", adding that he'd "dreamt about having a film premiere in London since he was child," reports the Daily Mail.

Affleck, Goodman and Cranston certainly made the most of their evening. Not content with just the premiere, they also headed to the after party and were seen carrying on the shenanigans. If they're partying now, just think what they'll be doing come Oscar time.