It seems like it'll take a lot to get Ben Affleck down. He missed out on a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars, which will probably damage his chances of winning the Best Director nod for Argo, according to The New York Times. 

"We got nominated for seven Oscars, including best picture," he said backstage. The Golden Globes, where he won two awards for directing and producing. "If you can't be happy with that, your prospects for long-term happiness are pretty sad." We supposed it'd be pretty easy to be in good spirits while clutching a Glove in either paw. It appears as though Affleck can take failure quite well, and has always managed to bounce back with a strong piece of work following disappointment. "I was nobody auditioning, and then I was seen as this young, emerging talent, writer, Oscar winner" (for the "Good Will Hunting" screenplay) "and then I was seen as this blockbuster actor, and then I was seen as this kind of train-wreck actor and then I was seen as this resurgent director," he said in a recent interview in New York. "And now I think I'm kind of seen as just sort of somebody in Hollywood who works." We can think of worse things than being a somebody in Hollywood. 

Perhaps Affleck is just basking in the knowledge that a nom for best flick would have seen him lose anyway, as Steven Spielberg's Lincoln looks set to light up the Academy come February 24th. 

Check out the trailer for Argo below.