Ben Affleck spent his $300,000 (Gbp200,000) cut from the sale of the Good Will Hunting script in less than a year.

The movie star admits he was flat broke when he signed up to star in blockbuster Armageddon - and needed the money.

He tells Playboy magazine that he and pal Matt Damon split the $600,000 (Gbp400,000) they made on the sale and set about spending it.

Affleck says, "After taxes, (it was) $125,000, and then we both bought cars for $50,000 - I bought a Jeep Cherokee - so we were down to $75,000.

"By the end of the year we were flat broke, so I had experience of running through 600,000 bucks. And then on Armageddon, I made $600,000."