If Ben Affleck and the makers of Argo were hoping that their film based around the 1979 Iran hostage crisis would be met with an open arms response by the people of Iran then it appears that they’re going to be sorely let down. In fact, bolstered by the news that Argo has put the political incident back into the spotlight, CNN reported last month that film makers in the country are preparing to write and make their own response to the crisis, in order to tell the side of the story from the Iranian perspective.

Now the reaction to it winning the Oscar has come in, and Iran isn’t happy. "I am secular, atheist and not pro-regime but I think the film 'Argo' has distorted history and insulted Iranians," said cafe owner Hossain to The Los Angeles Times. "For me, it wasn't even a good thriller." His thoughts were backed up by many others on the streets of Iran, "I did not enjoy seeing my fellow countrymen and women insulted," said Farzaneh Haji. "The men then were not all bearded and fanatical. To be anti-American was a fashionable idea among young people across the board. Even non-bearded and U.S.-educated men and women were against American imperialism." It was reported by the LA Times that bootleg copies of the DVD are currently going for less than $1 on the piracy market in Iran.

In January CNN had reported that Iranian capital Tehran’s Art Bureau was looking into making a response to the film, called The General Staff, and will  be based on eye-witness accounts of the event.

Watch the Argo trailer: