It's been a life changing couple of years for Ben Affleck. In the mid 2000's, he was mocked as the romantic-comedy goofball who dated Jennifer Lopez - a man who showed early promise with the likes of Good Will Hunting, though ended up making a quick buck with several forgettable films. By February this year, he was an Oscar winning filmmaker, one of the most respected in the business and the man every film studio wanted to direct their next big script.

Next month, he stars in the enigmatic Terrence Malick's new movie 'To The Wonder,' which refers to Le Mont Saint-Michel. Often referred to as "the wonder of the Western world," the small rocky island off the coast of Normandy, France, is home to a huge medieval fort-turned-monastery that attracts millions of tourists each year. Malick's new movie - derided by critics at last year's Venice Film Festival - sees Affleck fall for a woman whom he meets in France. However, after moving to Oklahoma to start a new life together, their relationship begins to crumble, sparking another relationship between Affleck's character and his childhood sweetheart, played by Rachel McAdams. 

The new clip, which features little dialogue, is aesthetically stunning, much like Malick's Palme d'Or winner The Tree of Life, though it'll take some convincing the critics a second time round.