Actor Ben Affleck is a huge fan of teensy-tiny thong underwear, according to a flustered hotel chambermaid who caught him unawares.

The unnamed woman works at a Georgia, Atlanta, America hotel where Jennifer Lopez and her strapping fiance were staying, and when she walked in to clean their room at an inopportune moment, she came face to face with Affleck's stringy knickers choice - and J. LO's infamous temper.

The maid reveals to Britain's HEAT magazine, "As a hotel maid I see a lot of things, but I never once expected to walk in on Ben Affleck wearing an itsy-bitsy black thong.

"The worse thing was that Jen was there and she didn't seem to mind one bit that he prefers flossing to regular men's boxer shorts."

The stunned cleaner continues, "Jen was not impressed that I had stumbled in on them. Perhaps she was embarrassed that her husband-to-be's underwear is more feminine than hers?"

05/08/2003 17:14