Young actress Bella Thorne has recalled the pain she went through after losing her father in a motorcycle accident when she was just nine in her new novel, Autumn Falls.

The Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day star admits many of the plot lines and themes of her first book are based loosely on her own life, but scenes relating to the death of her heroine's character are exactly what she experienced as a pre-teen.

In an emotionally-charged interview with U.S. Tv show Access Hollywood Live, the half-Cuban star says, "I lost my father when I was nine in a motorcycle accident. If you wanna know what it was like you can read book, because the same exact scenario that happened to my family is written in the book.

"There are some things about me that are attributed to the character, but it's twisted and it's different; that one scene, though, when he passes away in the book is exactly what happened.

"A lot of people, when you watch movies and stuff, someone dies and they automatically start crying and (there's) all this big commotion; those (writers) are the people that maybe haven't really experienced death the way I have; it's not necessarily all tears and freaking out.

"I was in such a state of shock for such a long time that I remember the first time I actually cried about it was maybe a week after, and the whole time I was just kinda confused, and in the book, that's how Autumn is."

And she hopes her book will help other youngsters mourning the loss of a parent: "People are like, 'Well, after the funeral, you know, it'll get easier'. It never gets easier. There's sometimes where you don't think about it as much; there's sometimes, like, 'I'm gonna grab a cup of coffee...' My dad will never be able to grab a cup of coffee with me, and that's so hard."

Thorne's novel also tackles bullying - her heroine is tormented at school because she suffers from dyslexia.

The actress adds, "People are bullied every day... like, 'Oh, Bella, your nose looks too big', or, 'Oh, her eyes are too far apart'. It's gotten so out of control on social media and in schools that it's so hard to really get back to what it was; obviously, there's always been bullying but it's gotten worse."

Thorne also found a role in the book for her boyfriend of three years, Tristan Klier, who she split from in August (14).

She reveals, "There's a character in there that's based basically off of Tristan."