There are so many ways a fictional movie about the assassination of one of the most hated presidents in U.S. history could go wrong. The most popular theory on Gabriel Range's fauxumentory Death of a President is that the very idea of the film is overtly liberal and putrid in practice; Hilary Clinton, of all people, denounced the film for making any dough out of such a horrendous speculation. Shockingly, Range's film might be one of the kinder treatments of the nation's leader to hit the screen yet.

It's 2007 and our President is in Chicago for a brief speech to Illinois business leaders. While exiting a Sheraton hotel one night after a conference in Chicago, George W. Bush is shot twice by an assailant and rushed off to a hospital, where he is pronounced dead after an attempted surgery. Most of the film seamlessly incorporates talking heads of fictional staff members and suspects, as well as the ceaselessly impressive mix of real footage of Bush and fake footage of his assassination and the subsequent manhunt. To make the assassination seem even more plausible, Range uses actual footage of a large protest in Chicago surrounding a 2005 Bush visit.

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