Beck has slammed drug-taking rockers for risking their lives, insisting he witnessed the horrifying reality of substance abuse growing up in a tough Los Angeles neighbourhood.

The LOSER star, 34, has always resisted drugs since the narcotic-induced deaths of several loved ones - and seeing young rock bands indulging in cocaine brings the tragic memories flooding back.

He says, "I lost a few close friends. Watching somebody fade away, you know, in slow motion. When I've met younger bands that were doing coke and things, I've felt like, 'No, no, I know how this story ends.'

"I see whatever talent or life that's there being slowly burned away. I grew up in an area where the effects of drugs, especially crack, were tragic and brutal, so any kind of romance associated with that was annihilated for me at a very early age."

06/05/2005 17:06