It may not be in 3D but the upcoming Blu-ray version of Avatar represents the highest quality that will be available on home video -- and, according to director James Cameron, that's the version that is primarily being chosen in presales. Consumers, he told today's (Wednesday) Hollywood Reporter , are "choosing a premium experience in the home, just as they did in theaters." (Ticket sales in 3D theaters reportedly represented 80 percent of the movie's domestic gross.) At a news conference in West Hollywood, Cameron also lashed out at Fox News commentator Glenn Beck, a frequent critic, whom he called "a f***ing a**hole" whose "ideas are poisonous." As for attacks on Avatar by Beck and other conservatives, Cameron said, "They're not attacks. They're just people ranting away, lost in their little bubbles of reality, steeped in their own hatred, their own fear and hatred. That's where it all comes from. Let's just call it out. Let's have a public discussion. That's what movies are supposed to do, you know, you can have a mindless entertainment film that doesn't affect anybody. I wasn't interested in that. ... I mean look, I didn't make this movie with these strong environmental anti-war themes in it to make friends on the right, you know." Cameron's film was released by 20th Century Fox, a corporate sibling of the Fox News Channel.