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Bruce Willis Makes Mabel Ray 'Crack Up' With Laughter

Bruce Willis Beautiful Day Demi Moore Emma Heming The Loves

Bruce Willis has been making his one-month-old daughter ''crack up'' with laughter.

The 'Die Hard' actor has been making Mabel Ray chuckle, and the 57-year-old star's wife, model Emma Heming, has taken to twitter to reveal her husband and daughter enjoying a kiss and a cuddle while on holiday in Budapest, Hungary.

In a post accompanying the picture, she wrote: ''A Beautiful Day in Budapest with The Loves of my life. Daddy and Mabel cracking each other up.''

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Lady Gaga Goes Make-up Free

Lady GaGa Beautiful Day

Lady GaGa has shown the world what she looks like with no make-up.

The 'Born this Way' singer posted a photograph of herself on her twitter page without her trademark war paint or flamboyant clothes to show her fans her natural look.

The 25-year-old pop superstar was dressed down in a vest but she did add some glamour by wearing a flower in her tied back hair.

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Lady Gaga Posted This Pic On Twitter With The Caption,'Have A Beautiful Day!! '

Lady GaGa and Beautiful Day Monday 26th March 2012 Lady Gaga posted this pic on Twitter with the caption,'Have a beautiful day!! '

Lady Gaga and Beautiful Day

Ricky Martin Axed Gig For Love

Ricky Martin Beautiful Day Menudo VALENTINO

Ricky Martin once cancelled a gig to go on a date.

The 'Livin La Vida Loca' hitmaker - who has been with partner Carlos Gonzalez Abella for four years - admitted it was very ''expensive'' to make up an excuse for scrapping the show, but he felt it was worth it at the time.

He said: ''I cancelled a show once to be with someone that I loved.

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The Fray's Album Inspired By Lethal Weapon

The Fray Beautiful Day Bono Lethal Weapon Mel Gibson Rene Russo Slade U2

The Fray got the idea to call their latest album 'Scars & Stories' after watching 'Lethal Weapon 3'.

The 'How to Save a Life' hitmakers came to the decision that blemishes are ''sexy'' after watching the 1992 movie, which features a scene in which Mel Gibson's alter-ego shows off his scars to Rene Russo's character before getting naked.

Singer Isaac Slade told Absolute Radio: ''I think scars are really sexy and there's kind of a moment in a relationship where you show them to somebody and they get to see that stuff that you've been through.

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Katy Perry Launches False Eyelash Range

Katy Perry Beautiful Day

Katy Perry launched her new range of false eyelashes yesterday (22.02.12).

The 'Firework' hitmaker arrived at The Americana at Brand in Glendale, California, in a classic blue convertible with matching blue dress, shoes and hair for the official launch of the collection and earlier in the day she had tweeted her excitement.

She wrote: ''Today has been a Beautiful Day! U debuted ''Part Of Me'' at #1 & now I can't wait to bat my LASHES & thank u in person @ the Americana at 4pm! (sic).''

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Posted A Photo Of Herself Saying

Alessandra Ambrosio and Beautiful Day - Model Alessandra Ambrosio St Barts - posted a photo of herself saying Friday 31st December 2010

Alessandra Ambrosio and Beautiful Day

Bono's Singing Lessons From David Bowie

David Bowie Beautiful Day Berlin Bono Brian Eno Elvis Presley Rolling Stones U2

David Bowie showed Bono how to sing beyond his "man" voice, and add a feminine touch to his vocals.

The U2 frontman has spoken about his love of the 'Life on Mars' hitmaker, and how indebted his band are to him for the things he introduced them to.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: "U2 owe him a lot. He introduced us to Berlin and Hansa Studios, to collaborating with Brian Eno.

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George Michael Delighted To Leave Jail

George Michael Beautiful Day

George Michael wants to "start again" after being released from jail.

The 'Freedom' singer left Highpoint Prison in Suffolk, East England, this morning (11.10.10) for driving under the influence of drugs and possession of cannabis and thanked fans for their support during his incarceration.

He said: "I just want to start again. It's fantastic to be out, It's a Beautiful Day. I just want to say thank you for everybody who has supported me in there, it's quite inspirational."

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Bono Urges Politicians To Cancel World Debt

U2 Bono Beautiful Day

U2 frontman Bono has urged world governments to keep their promise to cancel third world debt.
The campaigning rocker is concerned that politicians aren't sticking to the G8 agreement to double African aid to $47 billion (GBP24 billion) by 2010.
Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the Beautiful Day rocker says, "There were some serious promises made.
"The cheques were signed but as you know, politicians like signing cheques but they don't like cashing them.
"Two years on, it's time to take the temperature. If those promises are not kept ... it will make a generation of cynics. I don't believe that's going to happen, I am optimistic we're going to get through this."

U2 Rubbish 'False Gig' Reports

U2 Beautiful Day

Irish rockers U2 have rubbished reports they are to embark on a series of live shows later this year (07), after false advertisements for the dates appeared in the British press.
The Beautiful Day rockers played the final gig of their Vertigo world tour in Hawaii in 2006, and are planning to spend 2007 working on new material - but the band has been targeted by pranksters offering tickets to non-existent live concerts.
According to a statement on the band's website, the dates advertised are "a scam", with U2 urging fans to ignore the erroneous tour dates.
The statement reads, "Some fans have been in touch to let us know of adverts appearing in the press offering tickets for U2 shows in London and Paris this year.
"Take it from us, these adverts are a scam - there are no live plans for this year. Do not buy tickets for U2 shows unless you've read it here first."

The Verve: 'Saddest Song'

The Verve Robbie Williams Elton John Lily Allen Beyonce Knowles Crazy In Love Britney Spears Kylie Minogue Blur Rolling Stones U2 Beautiful Day

The Verve's hit THE DRUGS DON'T WORK is the saddest song to listen to, according to British research.
DOCTOR HARRY WITCHEL from the University of Bristol Medical School monitored volunteers' heart rates to see which tracks made people feel happy, sad or exhilarated.
The Verve's track topped a list of 10 sad songs, including Robbie Williams' ANGELS, SIR Elton John's SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD and SINEAD O'CONNOR's NOTHING COMPARES TO 2.
Meanwhile, pop newcomer Lily Allen's track LDN is the happiest song, beating Beyonce Knowles' Crazy In Love, Britney Spears' HIT ME BABY... ONE MORE TIME and Kylie Minogue's SPINNING AROUND.
Blur's anthem SONG 2 exhilarates listeners, as well as THE Rolling Stones' START ME UP and U2's Beautiful Day.

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