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The Gift Trailer

Simon and Robyn barely have time to contemplate their perfect lives with their happy marriage and beautiful new house when they come face to face with the less than perfect past. While shopping at a department store Simon bumps into an old classmate named Gordo, though it takes a while for him to recognise him. When a bottle of expensive wine shows up on their doorstep from Gordo, they are left wondering how he got the address but nonetheless invite him over for dinner to say thank you for the house-warming gift. But pretty soon Gordo starts frequently showing up uninvited with stranger and stranger gifts, and when Simon tries to break off their unwanted friendship, things start to get scary. Threatening notes are left, Robyn's fish are suddenly dead and their house is being vandalised. Robyn starts to become seriously suspicious of her husband when the suggestion of an uncomfortable past between the two men arises, and she's desperate to find out what happened before things get out of hand.

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Southpaw Trailer

The life of a boxer has never been easy, but for heavyweight champion, Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal), he is able to make by. With the love of his wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams) and daughter Leila (Oona Laurence), Billy can take any beating and dish out worse. But when an altercation takes place that leads to his wife's murder, Billy loses himself, and is deemed to be unable to look after his daughter. Now, with no career, no friends, and almost no hope, Billy must do what he can to regain his title and win the chance to look after his daughter once again. 

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Run All Night Trailer

Jimmy Conlon is a former hit man for the mob whose life of crime have left many mental scars. His best friend is the mob boss Shawn Maguire, but things get complicated for their relationship when Conlon's son Mike finds himself being hunted down by Maguire's own boy Danny. In a bid to defend his son, Jimmy arrives on the scene and shoots Danny dead. Jimmy knows the drill and after a meeting with Shawn realises he must do everything within his power to keep Mike from being killed by the rest of the gang, as he and his family are targeted once again. Jimmy is forced to kill old friends as he takes on the most dangerous task of his life, in taking care of the family he has led to death. Meanwhile, he's on the run from a police officer desperate to put him behind bars for his past crimes.

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You're Not You Trailer

When Kate (Hillary Swank), a concert pianist, is diagnosed with ALS (also known as Motor Neurone Disease or Lou Gehrig’s Disease), she realsised that not only does she have to give up on her career, but only a short time left to live. As she will steadily lose the ability to walk and care for herself, she is entrusted to the care of Bec (Emmy Rossum), a reckless college student. The two steadily begin to develop a strong bond, as Kate is able to see Bec’s true appreciation for every part of life, and feels a little more alive because of it.

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The Signal - Clip

When hacking geniuses Nic Eastman and Jonah Breck from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) decided to take a road trip during their school break with  Nic's girlfriend Haley Peterson, they had no idea they would find themselves fighting for their lives, each other and their sanity. They soon start to realise that they have found a trail from their hacker rival Nomad and decide to follow it for miles and miles, into the isolation of the Nevada desert. Then it begins to dawn on them that they may have made a big mistake as they are brutally attacked by an anonymous assailant. Nic wakes up to find himself locked up in a research lab full of men in  biohazard suits and a formidable man named Damon determined to interrogate him about what he saw. It's clear that some unearthly power is leading the people of Earth astray with a strange phenomena known as The Signal.

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The Signal Trailer

Nic Eastman and Jonah Breck are computer hacking college geniuses from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) who decide to embark on a long road trip during their school break alongside Nic's girlfriend Haley Peterson. They are soon distracted by a remarkable trail leading to their hacking rival Nomad which they follow determinedly for miles into the isolated Nevada desert. However, once they've arrived there, they find themselves plunged into complete darkness and viciously under attack by an unknown assailant. When Nic wakes up having been unconscious, he is confronted by men in biohazard suits who have locked him up in their research lab, revealing that he is been in contact with something not of this earth. Unaware of what exactly has happened to him, Nic is informed that he has encountered the Signal - a mysterious other worldly force - and must remain in the care of these professionals for subsequent observation.

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No One Lives Review


Clearly designed to be as grisly as humanly possible, this movie combines a brutal central character with a very flimsy premise. And the result is actually rather good fun simply because it's so over-the-top. While happily indulging in every gross-out cliche they can think of, the filmmakers may play it far too straight but they also give horror fans exactly what they want.

There's even the hint of a back-story, as an unnamed man (Evans) drives through the American Northwest with his reluctant girlfriend (Ramsey), who is furious over an affair he had. When they stop in a small town for the night, the televisions are full of stories about the hunt for kidnapped heiress Emma (Clemens). And they inadvertently become the target for a gang of violent burglars (Tergesen, Magyar, Olivo, Knapp and Clay) who have just killed an entire family. But the driver isn't a man to mess with, and when the thugs discover Emma hidden in his car, she warns them that he's a psychopathic maniac who won't leave any of them alive.

From here the movie essentially becomes an extreme slasher horror from the killer's perspective, as director Kitamura merrily indulges in the most grotesque torture and carnage he can think of. And it's so bloodthirsty that we can hardly stifle our laughter. There's also a level of soapy psychological tension to go along with the physical nastiness, which gives the actors something to work with. Evans prowls through each scene with unblinking ferocity, deploying whatever he finds on the gang's farm (oh look, a wood-chipper!). Meanwhile, the goons reply by having a vicious power struggle between Tergeson's cool-headed leader and Magyar's trigger-happy meathead.

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Tom Hanks On Working With The Coen Bros & Steven Spielberg On ‘Bridge of Spies’: ‘It’s Like A Lottery Win’

Tom Hanks On Working With The Coen Bros & Steven Spielberg On ‘Bridge of Spies’: ‘It’s Like A Lottery Win’

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