Actor Beau Bridges' eight-year-old granddaughter is following in the family business - she's landed a guest role in crime drama series Rizzoli & Isles.
Bridges' son Jordan stars as Frankie Rizzoli, Jr., a police officer in Boston, Massachusetts, on the hit TV show, and he saw an opportunity to work with his little girl Lola in an upcoming episode.
He tells People magazine, "I saw the first draft of the script and it called for a girl who looked a bit like me and could potentially be my daughter."
But Jordan Bridges, 37, admits it wasn't easy keeping playful Lola focused on the job at hand.
He says, "She's outgoing and loves to perform. But this was a lesson that it's work. You can't be off chasing butterflies - which she did sometimes. There was a location with a pond, and she made herself a little fishing pole. When they call the actors to their places, you've got to move. And she was like, 'No! No! I've got to catch more fish.'"
Little Lola will have plenty of career advisors if she chooses to pursue a career in Hollywood when she's older - Jordan's uncle is Oscar winner Jeff Bridges.