Actor Beau Bridges gave a pal a big boost in new film The Descendants by suggesting his bar was used in one of the movie's pivotal scenes - and then asking locals to play extras.
The Fabulous Baker Boys star, who owns a holiday home on the Hawaiian isle of Kauai - where the George Clooney film was shot, admits he was keen to honour friends who have made him feel welcome there.
Bridges tells, "The scene in the bar that I do with George was my buddy's bar Tahiti Nui. In fact, Christian Marsden, my friend who owns the bar, sat next to me all through the scene. There's a shot of George in that bar when he's thinking about what his next move is gonna be and right over his shoulder is a picture of my friend Christian with his Auntie Louise, who is another Tahitian legend around Kauai.
"It's funny, when I first met them they were throwing luaus there at the restaurant, so all the hula dancers I first saw when they were six years old are now grown up ladies.
"All the local guys you see in the scene in the background are just local folks who were hanging at the bar. The Hawaiian band that was playing in the scene play there every Thursday night. Tahiti Nui is a legendary hang."