The Beatles are calling on fans around the world to share footage captured during the Fab Four's 1960s concert tours for a new movie project.

The Beatles' Apple Corps firm has started up Ovow (One Voice One World) Productions to track down material taken by amateurs and professionals in the 116 cities the band visited at the height of its fame.

The images, music and interviews are to be included in The Beatles Live!, which will chronicle the stars' 250 concerts from October 1963 until their final concert in San Francisco, California on 28 August, 1966.

A post on the new The Beatles Live! Project website reads, "We are interested in looking at your digitized copies of The Beatles concert-era materials, including photos, stories, and film and sound recordings. We know that there are hidden gems out there. We are looking forward to working with you to find them."

Archivists, collectors, writers, academics and film restoration experts have also been encouraged to participate in the movie.