All 13 of the Beatles' albums released in America are to boxed up to mark the 50th anniversary of the group's first trip to the U.S.

The re-issues, which include five albums that have never been released on Cd, will hit stores and online shopping sites on 21 January (14).

The U.S. Albums collection begins with 1964's Meet the Beatles! and concludes with 1970's Hey Jude.

The 13 Cds come with replicated album art and a 64-page booklet packed with photos.

The Fab Four brought Beatlemania to the U.S. on 7 February, 1964, when the group arrived in New York for an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The band played its first U.S. concert at Washington, D.C.'s Washington Coliseum on 11 February, 1964.