With their roots in the rundown, nowhere town of Swindon, Wiltshire, Beatbullyz are unlikely upcoming stars, let alone the UK's answer to the Black Eyed Peas as the Guardian suggested back in 2009. Look past the N-Dubz-like, too-cool-for-school 'z' and band members' aliases Bully, Bozo, Yoyo, Disco and Philonious Funk, however, and it's clear that Beatbullyz actually are a talented bunch creating undeniably catchy music for the masses.

'Golden City' opens with a smooth string intro and then builds in a similar synth-ridden, electronic dance pop vein to the likes of Friendly Fires and MGMT, intercepted now and again by hefty bursts of Dizzee-esque rap. It, like much of the album, has a driving, up-beat dance backing track and tight string arrangement creating an overall sound that blends elements of club dance, hip hop, and chart pleasing synth-pop giving this Wiltshire collective the potential to be accessible to a wide audience; Beatbullyz tunes so easily ingrain themselves even after a first listening.

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