Brooklyn Heights residents in New York City are reportedly set to honour late Beastie Boys star Adam 'mca' Yauch by renaming a local playground in his memory.

Palmetto Playground will become known as the Adam Yauch Playground after city officials debut the new title at a special ceremony on Friday (03May13), according to the New York Post.

Michael 'Mike D' Diamond and Adam 'Ad-Rock' Horovitz are expected to attend the event to salute their bandmate, who was just 47 years old when he lost his battle with throat cancer on 4 May last year (12).

Fans had originally pushed for the nearby Squibb Park to be renamed after the rapper, but the idea was rejected over fears the change would be disrespectful to pharmaceutical pioneer Edward Robinson Squibb, who opened his first lab on the site.

Campaigners then called for Palmetto Park to serve as a tribute to the Beastie Boy, and Councilman Steve Levin tells the New York Post, "Adam Yauch Playground would be a much more fitting name since he actually hung out there, and it would be a great testament to a great leader and musician."