Surviving members of The Beastie Boys have been paying their respects to fallen compadre Adam Yauch a.k.a Mca in an interview with Rolling Stone. Yauch of course sadly passed away earlier this month from cancer, despite many thinking that he was winning the battle with the disease. This has been part of a tough month for the elder statesmen of the music industry, with Donna Summer and Robin Gibb also passing away in May.
In his first interview since his band mate's passing, Adam Horovitz commented "I don't believe Adam was afraid," in relation to his old pal's three year battle with cancer, "Bummed out, yeah. But I can't think when I ever saw him afraid ... That gives me peace." Paying tribute to him and remembering their last sessions together, Horovitz said "You would get swept up in his excitement and positivity. We recorded a few months ago. It wasn't any different from before. We spent more time making fart jokes and ordering food, which was true to form. That's why it always took so long for us to put records out."
Mike D meanwhile said "Even when we were doing our first hip-hop records, when we were 19 and 20, he sounded like a gruff 40-year-old. He was the Bobby Womack of rap. Yauch was a gifted MC. It was his flow on things, rather than specific lyrics, that first blew Adam [Horovitz] and I away. Early on, we were in the studio, amazed by how Yauch made it seem so effortless. Horovitz and I were maybe a little jealous."