Taking inspiration from each element of the group, Bear In Heaven have gone for a polarised, or magnetic, approach to representation. Beast Rest Forth Mouth (A sort of Stateside Cockney rhyming slang) is the groups take on East, West, North, South and supposedly captures the input, inspiration and 'collective consciousness of the 4 headed organism.' Heavy stuff. If the driving force, and constant throughout the bands history, the vocalist come talisman Jon Philpott is the Mouth then who pray is the beast among the four?

Taking their sound from Pop, Rock, Prog, Alternative, Minimalist and Psychedelic, among others, and citing influences as varied as Talk Talk and R-Kelly (!?!) pinning Bear In Heaven down is never going to prove easy. The band all hail from the sleepy South of the United States but are now all residing in what has become rocks equivalent to the Mormon's Salt Lake City, namely Brooklyn. BRFM is the follow up to their debut full length album, 2007's Red Bloom In Boom. Since then they have had to reconfigure their set up, from a 5 to a 4 piece, having lost bassist James Elliott to concentrate on his other band, La La's favourite, School Of Seven Bells.

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