Late Beach Boys star Dennis Wilson is returning from beyond the grave - filmmakers RANDALL MILLER and JODY SAVIN are bringing him back to life on the big screen.
The drummer and surf fanatic tragically drowned in Marina Del Rey in California in 1983, shortly after the release of his solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue.
Now his final years will be the focus of a new movie by Miller and Savin, the duo behind the Sundance Film Festival hit Bottle Shock.
Director Miller says, "Dennis was a pained and tortured soul, yet brilliant and loved dearly by so many who knew him. This film has the makings of a tour-de-force performance in the hands of the right actor.
"As a director, I search for stories that expose the soul of a character in new territories that excite me as a filmmaker."
Savin will write the screenplay and the pair will produce the film with the late star's family, including his daughter Jennifer Wilson.
They have also secured the rights to his songs for the project, which was brought to their attention by Brad Rosenberger, Senior Vice President of Warner-Chappell Music Group.
Miller adds, "The soundtrack will feature Dennis' music from Pacific Ocean Blue as well as previously unreleased Dennis Wilson music and music from the Beach Boys as well.
"The music is another character in the film and we are proud to have Rosenberger and the Wilsons along as our producing partners to help guide the music."
Casting details have yet to be announced. Production is due to begin in January (11) with a view to release the film next year to mark the Beach Boys' 50th anniversary.