Beach Boys frontman Brian Wilson occasionally visits a therapist in a bid to keep his longterm mental health problems under control.

The Good Vibrations hitmaker has been struggling with schizoaffective disorder for several years and he alternates between good and bad days.

He tells People magazine, "On my good days I feel creative, I laugh a lot, I go to my piano and play. Some days I don't feel creative and I don't talk to anybody."

But his wife Melinda insists the 70 year old is doing well - thanks to periodic visits to a specialist to talk through his issues, admitting he sometimes suffers from auditory hallucinations.

She continues, "He hears voices. I can tell if it's good voices or bad voices by the look that comes over his face. For us it's hard to understand, but for him they're very real. I have to bring him back down to reality and say, 'They're not real; they're not going to hurt you.' And then he'll say, 'Yeah, yeah, I got it.'"

Melinda reveals his struggles haven't affected his relationship with his seven children, adding, "The kids understand that he's a different kind of daddy. (But) he's an amazing dad in the respect that he absolutely knows everything that's going on."