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Brian Wilson Discusses The Meaning Behind Latest Release 'No Pier Pressure'

Brian Wilson Beach Boys

Brian Wilson has just unveiled his hugely anticipated new solo album 'No Pier Pressure', and now opens up about the generational significance of the new material and what it means to be writing music at the grand age of 72. Needless to say, the title says it all.

Brian Wilson promoBrian Wilson opens up about the man behind 'No Pier Pressure'

It's his first collection of original solo material since 2008's 'That Lucky Old Sun' and, while that was hardly an era ago, it seems this new venture displays a man who's grown in himself both personally and professionally; and certainly doesn't feel the need to produce music for anyone but himself anymore.

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Watch Jimmy Fallon Sing 'Barbara Ann' With Five Waxwork Jimmy Fallons

Jimmy Fallon Beach Boys

On Thursday night’s edition of ‘The Tonight Show’, host Jimmy Fallon unveiled what has got to be the creepiest of all the creepy duets. In the pre taped skit, Jimmy and five (yes five!) identical Jimmy Fallon waxworks give a hilarious, if yet totally disturbing rendition of the Beach Boy’s 1965 classic ‘Barbara Ann’.

Jimmy FallonThat's a lot of Jimmy Fallons

The skit begins with Jimmy answering a call from his mom as The Beach Boy’s classic plays as his ringtone. "Hey Mom!" the host says. "They just dropped off my wax figures from Madame Tussauds. It's amazing. The details, everything, it looks just like me.”

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The Wrecking Crew - Featurette And Clips

Through the 1960s, a collection of Los Angeles musicians worked together in order to support acts like The Beach Boys and Frank Sinatra. This group was called The Wrecking Crew, and they created some of the greatest and most influential songs, without receiving any of the credit for it. Beach Boys co-founder, Bryan Wilson, described how they were the most important part of that period in music. A documentary 12 years in the making, sheds some light on some of the unsung heroes of the musical industry in the 1960s.

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Brian Wilson's Troubled Life Story Hits The Big Screen In Bill Pohlad's 'Love & Mercy' [Trailer]

Brian Wilson Beach Boys Paul Dano John Cusack Elizabeth Banks Paul Giamatti Oren Moverman

The full story of The Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson is finally hitting the movies in the form of Bill Pohlad's challenging, life-spanning biopic 'Love & Mercy' which stars Paul Dano and John Cusack as the respective younger and older Wilsons.

Paul Dano in 'Love & Mercy'
Paul Dano stars as a young Brian Wilson in 'Love & Mercy'

While being responsible for writing one of the most important rock albums in history, 1966's 'Pet Sounds', Brian Wilson was at the most fragile stage of his life during that decade. Dragged down mentally and emotionally by the stress of song-writing he took comfort in drug use and was subsequently forced to seek a range of psychological treatments. As tensions within the band grew, he became more and more erratic and lost in a confusing world of hallucinations and psychosis. Paul Dano plays Wilson's enthusiastic younger self, while John Cusack takes on the role of the broken man that came decades after. Paul Giamatti also makes an appearance as Wilson's crooked psychologist Eugene Landy who fed him excessively high dosages of medicative drugs and prevented him from seeing his partner Melinda Ledbetter (who is played by Elizabeth Banks). 

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Brian Wilson Brings A Modern Twist To Upcoming Solo Album 'No Pier Pressure'

Brian Wilson Beach Boys Joe Thomas Kacey Musgraves Nate Ruess She & Him Capital Cities

Brian Wilson goes solo again with his forthcoming, pun-laden album release 'No Pier Pressure' which marks his return to former band The Beach Boys' home label Capitol Records and will hit shelves in April.

Brian Wilson at Hop Farm Festival 2014
Brian Wilson returns solo

'No Pier Pressure' is Brian Wilson's eleventh solo venture and follows his 2012 50th anniversary reunion album with The Beach Boys' entitled 'That's Why God Made the Radio', a record which reached number 3 in the US charts and became their highest charting album since 1965's 'Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)'. The new album also marks his first collection of original material since 2008's 'That Lucky Old Sun'.

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Picture - Elizabeth Hasselback - The Beach... New York United States, Friday 15th August 2014

Elizabeth Hasselback - The Beach Boys perform live on Fox TV's morning show 'Fox and Friends' - New York, United States - Friday 15th August 2014

The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys and Elizabeth Hasselback
The Beach Boys and Elizabeth Hasselback
The Beach Boys

Picture - Bruce Johnston - The Beach... Epsom United Kingdom, Thursday 17th July 2014

Bruce Johnston - The Beach Boys perform live during Epsom Live at Epsom Downs Racecourse - Epsom, United Kingdom - Thursday 17th July 2014

The Beach Boys and Bruce Johnston
The Beach Boys and Bruce Johnston
The Beach Boys and Bruce Johnston
The Beach Boys and Bruce Johnston
The Beach Boys and Bruce Johnston

Daryl "Captain" Dragon & Toni Tennille, Former Beach Boy Keyboardists, Are Divorcing

Beach Boys

Captain and Tennille are divorcing! The husband and wife duo who most famously toured with the Beach Boys in the 70s have filed for divorce.

After almost 40 years of marriage (39 to be precise), it seems the couple are in need of a break from one another, or at least that's how Tennille feels as Captain claims he has no idea why his wife filed for divorce! When questioned by TMZ as to why they are splitting up, Captain said "I don't know why she filed. I've got to figure it out for myself first." He also added they were still living in the same house.

Speculation surrounds whether or not they may truly separate. TMZ suggested there may be reasons relating to health insurance, as 71-year-old Captain suffers from Parkinson's disease. There are a number of references to health insurance throughout the divorce papers, which were filed in Arizona on January 16th. 

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After Beach Boys Farce, Brian Wilson To Tour With Jeff Beck

Brian Wilson Jeff Beck Beach Boys Mike Love

We already knew that Jeff Beck had contributed to Brian Wilson's forthcoming solo album, though it appears the pair's collaborative future is more serious than we first assumed. The rock heavyweights are set to hit the road together for a tour that begins in Hollywood on September 27, 2013.

"He's got a truckload of hits to play, but we'll build on that and interact," Beck told USA Today, "Brian will kick things off, but I'll also be given enough time to establish what I'm about. In the end, we'll mix and match. It's a complete honor to be on stage with him."

The enigmatic Wilson simply called guitarist Beck "very well versed" in his music, noting that "he'll play in the pockets where I'm not singing. He brings that great guitar-player kind of thing to the picture."

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JLS, The Beach Boys, Paul and The Saturdays Comprise An Eclectic Bill For Hyde Park

Beach Boys Rolling Stones JLS The Saturdays Paul Young

If you’ve ever fancied catching The Beach Boys, JLS, Paul Young and The Saturdays on the same bill, then you literally won’t be able to find anything better then A Day At The Park – the Barclays-sponsored gig in Hyde Park.

That’s not all, though: Elton John, Bon Jovi and The Rolling Stones will also be performing as part of the series of gigs taking place in London’s famous Hyde Park. Rob Hallett, President, International Live Touring, AEG Live says: "Barclaycard Presents British Summer Time Hyde Park is much, much more than just a music event. I have always wanted to promote a show where you can take your kids and your parents.” Barclaycard Presents British Summer Time Hyde Park will take place over two weekends, and is officially the longest, most boring name for anything, ever. “Junior can be enthralled with the Gruffalo and your daughter can scream at JLS while your parents dance around to The Beach Boys. Everyone’s happy!" adds Hallet.

The Beach BoysJLS
We wouldn't put these two on the same bill, but oh well - Mike Love [L] and Jonathan 'JB' Gill [R]

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The Beach Boys - I Get Around (Live/2013)

Having released their first album in sixteen years in 2012 entitled 'That's Why God Made the Radio', the legendary Beach Boys embarked on their 50th anniversary reunion tour. Watch them perform their track 'I Get Around' with clips of their live shows.

Paul Tanner Dies Aged 95, Last Surviving Member Of Glen Miller Orchestra

Beach Boys

The last surviving member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, trombonist Paul Tanner, passed away earlier this week following a bout with pneumonia, he was 95.

Born in Skunk Hollow, Kentucky on October 15, 1917 Tanner worked alongside Miller from 1938 to 1942 as the trombonist for his jazz orchestra, before moving to Hollywood to work as a studio musician. He later became a professor of music at UCLA published many scholarly and popular works throughout his time as an academic, usually concentrating his work on jazz and contemporary music of the time.

By the 1960's, Tanner began working on a new instrument with amateur inventor Bob Whitsell, the electrotheremin - often referred to as the Tannerin in honour of it's chief developer, Tanner. The electrotheremin was heard all around the world when it's unusual, psychedelic sound was picked up by the Beach Boys, who enlisted Tanner to play the instrument on the hit 'Good Vibrations.' Tanner also player the instrument on two other Beach Boys tracks, 'I Just Wasn't Made for These Times' and 'Wild Honey.'

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Brian Wilson Responds To Mike Love’s Beach Boys Snub

Beach Boys Brian Wilson Mike Love

Brian Wilson and Al Jardine have publicly responded to the news that Mike Love and Bruce Johnston would be continuing to tour without them, using the name The Beach Boys. The band have recently completed a 50th anniversary Beach Boys tour and were promoting their recent album of new material, That’s Why God Made The Radio. Mike Love had already written to the Los Angeles Times explaining his decision to tour with Johnston under the name The Beach Boys – a move which caused outrage with many as some saw it as his was of ‘firing’ his cousin, Brian Wilson. Wilson has long been considered the creative core of The Beach Boys by a huge proportion of the band’s fans.

In his own letter, Wilson said “Normally I wouldn't respond to something like this, but because I love what the 50th has done for the band's image and its legacy, I feel I need to… Recording "That's Why God Made The Radio" was a dream come true, to be able to co-write and produce an album for the boys and have it so well received by fans all over the world was the best!... Now on to the rumors: As far as I know I can't be fired--that wouldn't be cool… What's confusing is that by Mike not wanting or letting Al, David and me tour with the band, it sort of feels like we're being fired.”

Wilson goes on to say that he felt “blindsided” and “disappointed” by the announcement. We’re sure that lots of Beach Boys fans will also be disappointed that what should have been a joyous time for the band has descended into this unsettling situation.

Brian Wilson Fired From The Beach Boys!

Brian Wilson Beach Boys Mike Love

The Beach Boys will continue to tour after this summer's special 50th anniversary set of shows, but guess what, three of the original members won't be joining them, after Mike Love opted to let them know via a public statement that he wouldn't be requiring their services after this week's shows in the UK. Ouch. That means that founding members Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks will no longer be with the band again; Love will be touring as the Beach Boys in October, but he'll be reverting to the members who had been playing under that moniker beside him since he took over the rights to the group's songs in 1998, which includes original member Bruce Wilson and their long time backing band.

Rolling Stone reports that Love issued a statement that said "As we move on, Bruce and I look forward to performing live for Beach Boys fans everywhere." By way of explanation for the sudden cull of the three original members, he added "The 50th Reunion Tour was designed to be a set tour with a beginning and an end to mark a special 50-year milestone for the band."

It's disappointing news indeed, not least because of the fight Brian Wilson underwent just to make it for the 50th anniversary shows, undertaking two procedures to correct a problem in his lower back. We can't help but feel that Love's dropped the ball a bit on this one.

Andy Williams Songs Were Legendary, But His Television Career Deserves Respect

Andy Williams Elvis Presley Perry Como Elton John The Osmonds Smokey Robinson Beach Boys

Andy Williams songs will be played on record players across the globe today, after the effortlessly smooth crooner – best known for his track ‘Moon River’ – died on Wednesday, aged 84.

Williams soothing voice, boyish looks and easy-going demeanour ensured he outlasted many of the rock-stars of the 60’s and 70’s, as well as contemporaries such as Frank Sinatra and Perry Como. For a man who became a major star in the same year as Elvis Presley, Williams enjoyed an astonishing career and remained on the charts well into the 1970s, while continuing to perform into the 1980s at the Moon River Theater that he built in Branson. However, Williams’ television career was equally as commendable and his eponymous show lasted from 1962 until 1971, winning three Emmys along the way. It was on that show that Williams introduced the world to The Osmonds (their young sibling, a certain Donny, made his debut on the show when just 6-years-old). He also booked rock and soul acts, including The Beach Boys, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson and Elton John. His attitude to fame was perhaps summed up when he mused “I guess I've never really been aggressive, although almost everybody else in show business fights and gouges and knees to get where they want to be…My trouble is, I'm not constructed temperamentally along those lines,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

Williams never entertained the possibility of retirement and told the Associated Press in 2001, “I'll keep going until I get to the point where I can't get out on stage.” He is survived by his wife Debbie and three children.