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Battle: Los Angeles And Sanctum Delayed In Japan

New movies including Battle: Los Angeles and James Cameron's thriller Sanctum have had their Japanese release dates postponed over fears some scenes are too disturbing to be shown in the aftermath of the recent earthquake...

Michelle Rodriguez Endured Boot Camp Hell For Movie Role

Michelle Rodriguez showed she's one of the boys while preparing for new movie Battle: Los Angeles - she joined her co-stars for training at a tough Marine boot camp.The actress plays a female soldier in...

Battle: Los Angeles Fights To Top Of U.s. Box Office Chart

Actor Aaron Eckhart's alien war movie Battle: Los Angeles has invaded the U.S. box office chart to debut at number one.The sci-fi action film, which also stars Michelle Rodriguez and singer-turned-actor Ne-Yo as U.S. Marines,...

Ne-yo Not Prepared For Tough Boot Camp

R&B star Ne-YO is still smarting from the mandatory military boot camp he experienced for new alien war movie Battle: Los Angeles - because real soldiers were a little too tough on him.The So Sick...

Eckhart Challenges Co-star Ne-yo's Battle: Los Angeles Set Account

Movie star Aaron Eckhart has challenged his Battle: Los Angeles co-star Ne-YO's version of events on the movie set, insisting the castmates were the best of friends.The R&B star-turned-actor told that he fell out...

Ne-yo Baffled By Method Actor Eckhart

R&B star-turned-actor Ne-YO fell out with his Battle: Los Angeles co-star Aaron Eckhart onset because the singer couldn't understand why the actor stayed in character after the cameras stopped rolling.The So Sick hitmaker appears in...

Aaron Eckhart Braved Broken Arm Pain To Complete New Movie

The Dark Knight star Aaron Eckhart refused to halt filming when he broke his arm during the making of his new movie Battle: Los Angeles - as he wanted the painful moment to be caught...

Eckhart Broke His Arm On New Movie Set

AARON ECKHART feared for his life while making new movie BATTLE: LOS ANGELES because the shoot was marred by so many serious injuries.The Dark Knight star broke his arm while making the upcoming action film...

Wolf Collaborates With Swinton On New Lp

British singer PATRICK WOLF has landed Oscar-winning actress TILDA SWINTON as a guest on his forthcoming album BATTLE. Wolf first met the Michael Clayton star at the premiere for her 2008 film Julia - and...

Movie Veteran Announces He's Gay In Memoirs

Hunky 1950s movie veteran TAB HUNTER has revealed he's gay in a new biography. The actor, who became a big star in movies like DAMN YANKEES and BATTLE CRY, is now 72 - and...


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