Well, we never knew that Batman was so body-conscious until today… A man in Bradford, Yorkshire, who handed a criminal over to the police whilst dressed up as Batman has now been forced to defend himself after people started commenting on his apparent ‘paunch,’ caught on CCTV at the police station. Mr Worby, 39, has a real life day job, working as a Chinese takeaway delivery driver - not quite the Bruce Wayne lifestyle, though his attempts at ridding the Bradford streets of criminals are truly commendable. So imagine his disappointment when people started commenting on his rotund-looking waist, rather than his heroic deeds.

Bradford BatmanBradford Man Hands In A Criminal in West Yorkshire

The Telegraph have reported, however, that Worby had an answer for his critics and refused to let them cast aspersions at his physique: “I've got my full tracksuit underneath. I'm not just wearing this - it's too thin.” Sounds like a good enough explanation to us – it can get pretty chilly in Yorkshire at this time of year, after all. Mr Worby also explained, to ITV’s Daybreak programme, that he was gob-smacked to see the story reported online all across the world yesterday.

“At the end of the day it was a practical joke, just between me and Daniel.” Mr Worby had walked into the station with the wanted criminal, and told police “I’ve caught this one for you.” Mr Frayne was wanted in connection with a number of offences and was later charged with handling stolen goods and fraud-related offences.