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Jim Carrey: 'Tommy Lee Jones Hated Me'

Tommy Lee Jones made it clear he was not a Jim Carrey fan when the odd couple teamed up for 1995 movie Batman Forever by telling the funnyman exactly what he thought of him during...

Speedman Auditioned For Robin

UNDERWORLD star SCOTT SPEEDMAN once auditioned for the role of the ROBIN in 1995's BATMAN FOREVER.The actor reveals a girlfriend dared him to try out for the role, and although it was a disaster it...

Superman Costume Sells At Auction For $115,000

Late actor CHRISTOPHER REEVE's SUPERMAN costume has sold at auction for $115,000 (GBP59,000) on website The red and blue ensemble, worn by Reeve in the 1978 movie, had been expected to fetch between $50,000...

Aaron Eckhart Lands Two-faced Role

LATEST: THANK YOU FOR SMOKING star AARON ECKHART will play HARVEY DENT/TWO-FACE in THE DARK KNIGHT, a sequel to BATMAN BEGINS. Dent is Gotham City's district attorney and a Batman ally who goes insane after...

Lauryn Hill Was Dreamgirls' Original Deena

BEYONCE KNOWLES' dream role in DREAMGIRLS would have gone to FUGEES star LAURYN HILL - if moviemaker JOEL SCHUMACHER had his way. The BATMAN FOREVER director was slated to take charge of the movie musical...

Kilmer's Christmas Birthday Swap

VAL KILMER always used to dread his end-of-year birthday as it was so close to Christmas Day (25DEC06) - so his parents decided to swap his December birth date for a mid-year celebration. The BATMAN...

Kilmer Found Out Wife Was Divorcing Him On Cnn

BATMAN FOREVER star VAL KILMER was shocked to find out his wife was divorcing him while watching news channel CNN on a trip to Ireland. The 46-year-old star was married to British actress JOANNE WHALLEY...

Wright Penn: 'I'm Not Retired'

ROBIN WRIGHT PENN has rubbished reports she has retired from acting, insisting she is biding her time and choosing her movie roles carefully The wife of actor SEAN PENN has deliberately stayed out of...

Gyllenhaal Laughs Off Batman Ledger Reunion

JAKE GYLLENHAAL has laughed off internet rumours claiming he will reunite with his BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN co-star HEATH LEDGER in the forthcoming BATMAN BEGINS sequel. Gyllenhaal was reportedly in talks to play HARVEY 'TWO-FACE' DENT -...

Eszterhas Dishes Dirt On Hollywood Stars

Screenwriter JOE ESZTERHAS has hit out at a host of Hollywood stars, branding MICHAEL DOUGLAS "dumb" and VAL KILMER "an imbecile". Eszterhas, who has written the scripts for FLASHDANCE and BASIC INSTINCT, has little love...

Batmobile On The Auction Block

The officially licensed car from BATMAN FOREVER will go on the auction block on Sunday (03SEP06) in Auburn, Indiana. The one-of-a-kind vehicle was featured in the 1995 film starring VAL KILMER, JIM CARREY, CHRIS O'DONNELL...

Phillippe Lands Two-face Role?

RYAN PHILLIPPE is set to take over from TOMMY LEE JONES after reportedly landing the role of HARVEY DENT/TWO-FACE in the upcoming BATMAN BEGINS sequel. REESE WITHERSPOON's husband will join HEATH LEDGER, who has signed...

Kilmer: 'Lies Gave Me A Terrible Reputation'

Movie star VAL KILMER insists two terrible lies have given him a terrible reputation as a raging eccentric. The 45-year-old actor still resents the separate incidents that have dogged his career because they've given...

Black Hails 'Troublesome' Downey Jr And Kilmer

Director SHANE BLACK was surprised to find working with actors ROBERT DOWNEY JR and VAL KILMER a pleasurable experience, because their reputations had made him believe they would be difficult stars. Black, who makes...

Kilmer Prepared For Gay Typecasting

Hollywood star VAL KILMER is preparing for an onslaught of scripts requiring him to play a homosexual, after kissing both COLIN FARRELL and ROBERT DOWNEY JR in his recent films. The BATMAN FOREVER actor,...

Keaton: 'I Would Turn Down Batman Forever Again'

BATMAN star MICHAEL KEATON has no regrets about turning down the third film in the Caped Crusader franchise, because he thought the script was lacklustre. Keaton was replaced by VAL KILMER in BATMAN FOREVER...

Timberlake Set For Batman Begins Baddie Role?

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is being considered as the villainous HARVEY DENT in the BATMAN BEGINS sequel. The pop star is up against actor LIEV SHREIBER for the hot role, which was played previously by BILLY...

Batman Fans Get Behind Glover

BATMAN fans have started an internet campaign to win actor CRISPIN GLOVER the role of HARVEY DENT in the BATMAN BEGINS sequel. Rumours are rampant that SCREAM star LIEV SHREIBER will play Dent, who...

Bale Sees The Villain In Batman

CHRISTIAN BALE nearly turned down the role of BATMAN because he only likes playing villains. The British screen star was initially reluctant to step into the Caped Crusader's costume for BATMAN FOREVER, but soon...

Clooney Hails New Batman

Former BATMAN GEORGE CLOONEY has applauded makers of the new superhero movie for focusing the film on the Dark Knight himself. Previous sequels BATMAN RETURNS, BATMAN FOREVER and the Clooney-starring BATMAN FOREVER were critically...

Batman Turned Kilmer Into A Pensioner

Playing BATMAN gave VAL KILMER had an early taste of what it would be like to get old - because his batsuit was so restrictive. The actor donned the figure-hugging all-black outfit for BATMAN...

Christian Bale Is Batman

British actor CHRISTIAN BALE has been unveiled as the star of the new BATMAN movie. After months of speculation, the AMERICAN PSYCHO star has been chosen ahead of contenders including JAKE GYLLENHAAL, JOSHUA JACKSON...

Val Kilmer's Deep Understanding

Hollywood actor VAL KILMER insists his latest movie about pornography actor JOHN HOLMES is more of a love story than a sex biopic. The BATMAN FOREVER hero is playing the most famous male sex...

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DiCaprio Does Da Vinci! Leonardo DiCaprio To Portray Fifteenth Century Artist On Screen

DiCaprio Does Da Vinci! Leonardo DiCaprio To Portray Fifteenth Century Artist On Screen

He'll also be on board as a producer for the book to screen adaptation.

'Game Of Thrones' Actor Discusses Long-Awaited Return

'Game Of Thrones' Actor Discusses Long-Awaited Return

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David F. Sandberg Wants To Reboot 'A Nightmare On Elm Street', 'Critters'

The director would love to take the films in a different direction.

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