Barry Manilow is nervous about taking his stage musical Harmony to Broadway after witnessing Sting's show The Last Ship sink last year (14).

The Mandy singer's show has been a big hit in Georgia and Los Angeles, and now producers are keen to find a home for the musical on the New York stage, but Manilow hopes Harmony doesn't suffer the same fate as Sting's shipyard show.

He tells, "I saw his show. It was beautiful - beautiful score, very interesting show, he did a beautiful job and they lost everything.

"You just don't play around with this Broadway musical thing unless you just want to lose everything. You put your heart and your soul into it, and when it doesn't work, as most of them don't, it just takes a piece out of you. But I've been working Harmony for so many years and I so believe in it and it's such great work, I'd just like to see it through to the end."

The Last Ship opened on Broadway late last year (Oct14) and even Sting's appearance in a lead role couldn't save the show, which closed on 24 January (15).