Barry Manilow has assured fans his days of mounting large tours are over after he bids farewell to life on the road in June (15).

The beloved crooner, 71, kicked off his final tour in Nebraska on Wednesday night (11Feb15) and he'll wrap up his last trek in his native New York City in June - and he insists he won't be extending the string of dates or returning for another farewell.

He tells, "It's the last big tour. It doesn't mean I'm retiring or anything. I'll do shows and I'll promote albums if I make any more, but no more big tours. That's it. It's too much packing. It's 40 years - more than that, really - of packing and waiting for room service.

"People think it's glamorous, but glamorous is the last word I would use for this job. You don't see anything; you see the inside of your hotel room, you see the inside of a car, you see the inside of your dressing room and then you're gone. I haven't gone sightseeing, ever. It's a job.

"Listen, Tony Bennett seems to be wonderful at it and he has no problems doing it. For me, it's enough. I'll probably miss the excitement, but I won't miss the touring. So I'm calling it One Last Time! and I mean it."

The tour coincides with the 40th anniversary of Manilow's first number one hit, Mandy.