After five decades on stage and screen, Barbra Streisand has amassed a considerable collection of honors in many areas – for her work as an actress and a singer.

One award she will soon be adding to that is the Lincoln Center’s Chaplin Award for her overall contribution to cinema, as a director, producer, writer and star. FSLC (Film Society of Lincoln Center) Executive Director Rose Kuo said about Streissand being this year’s honoree: "Barbra Streisand is an American icon whose groundbreaking work significantly opened the doors for other female filmmakers. She has been an inspiration to me and so many of my peers. She is the perfect recipient for our 40th anniversary because, like our award's namesake, she is a world class, multi-faceted film artist."

The FSLC board chair, Ann Tennenbaum, was also quick to sing Streisand’s praises: "She is an artist whose long career of incomparable achievements is most powerfully expressed by the fact that her acclaimed Yentl was the first full-length feature directed, acted, written and produced by an American woman. We welcome her to the list of masterful directors who have been prior recipients of the Chaplin Award Tribute."

Miss Streisand can add this as another notch on her belt, which saw quite a few of those last year when the actress’s latest filmThe Guilt Trip was released to favorable reviews.