The unlikely pairing of Seth Rogan, who takes his mother, Barbra Streisand on a work trip in Guilt Trip, didn't just have us (and the rest of the movie world) stumped, it also had Streisand second-guessing. 

However, talking a press conference, she revealed that it was her own son who convinced her to take the project on.  "Mothers develop guilt trips," Streisand said. "(When my own son was young) I was working a lot and I felt guilty as a parent that I cannot pick (up) my son everyday from school, bake him cookies, that kind of thing. And so you try and compensate," she continued. "I thought it was interesting to investigate this - trying to be his friend versus a mother...this movie, it hit on all those things that I thought I could explore." It was that real life, paternal relationship with his mother that influenced the movie for Rogan, too. "That dynamic where your mother is trying and the more she tries, the more it bugs you, the more it bugs you, the more she tries....All that is very, at times, real to my relationship with my mother," he explained.

The pair, however, might be regretting their Guilt Trip, as the reviewers certainly did. With a measly 37% on Rotten Tomatoes and reviews calling it "Embarrassing dreck, masquerading as comedy," (USA Today), it doesn't look like this particular trip will turn any heads.