Barbra Streisand has revealed that her appearance in forthcoming film The Guilt Trip was all down to her son Jason Gould, speaking in a new interview.

Streisand stars opposite Seth Rogen in this unlikely coupling of mother and son, but the multiple Grammy, Emmy, Oscar and Tony Award winner said it was Gould who convinced her to get involved in the film. “He was very important in my decision to make The Guilt Trip because he was in bed recovering from back surgery when I brought the script over” Streisand told The Independent. “Jason said, ‘I think you should do it, Mom.’ I really trust his integrity and his opinion. He has great taste, and whatever he chooses to do, it’s amazing, so he clinched the deal.”

Rogen meanwhile spoke about the pair’s unlikely chemistry. In public Streisand is considered a far more serious character than Rogen, who has made his name in a series of slacker-celebrating movies. However, Rogen said of the singer and actress “She cracked me up quite a bit … The way we talk in real life is not entirely different than our rapport in the movie. It’s a lot of me trying to explain things to her about modern times and her trying to feed me stuff I don’t want to eat.” Already out in the US, to a mixed reaction it has to be said, The Guilt Trip arrives on UK cinema screens this coming weekend (March 1, 2013).

Check out the trailer for The Guilt Trip