Barbra Streisand and her husband slept in a stranger's bed.

The actress - who stars in mother-and-son road trip comedy 'The Guilt Trip' with Seth Rogen - revealed that she and her spouse James Brolin love to take spontaneous trips and once slept in the house of someone they didn't know when they couldn't find a vacant hotel.

She said: ''I love road trips! My husband and I love that. We bought a truck with a bench seat so we could put the dog in the middle. We love to take long trips and stay in all these interesting places and B&Bs. They have great breakfasts, biscuits and homemade hash browns.

''One time we went to Mendocino and we couldn't find a hotel room at all. We knocked on somebody's door and they said, 'Come and we'll give you our bedroom!' Can you imagine? I said, 'I can't do that.' But they insisted, 'Oh yeah, we'd love to have you stay in our bedroom. We'll sleep in the other bedroom.'

''But I love the spontaneity. You go away and just get in the car.''