Superstar Barbra Streisand enjoys spending quality time with her actor husband James Brolin during intimate road trips.

The Funny Girl star reveals the excursions give the couple the opportunity to get back to basics and enjoy the view as they cruise through the U.S. in a truck bought specially for the long drives.

In an interview with U.S. breakfast show Today, which aired on Friday (07Dec12), she said, "I got on a lot of road trips with my husband, we bought a truck with a bench seat so you could sit next to each other. It's fun to get away. You close the door and it's just the two of you."

Ironically, Streisand stars in new comedy movie The Guilt Trip, about an inventor who hits the road with his mum to sell his latest product, but she refused to embark on a real trek across America because she didn't want to stray too far from her lavish Malibu, California homes.

However, the singer/actress insists she isn't opposed to travelling to neighbouring states: "I never went cross-country, no; I've been to Arizona, you stop and eat... anywhere that's got good food."

Streisand is always the one in the passenger's seat because she quit driving after a road mishap in the 1990s.

She recently told Time magazine, "I was driving one day, and I found myself driving up the off-ramp of a highway."