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Garrido's business card features grown up Jaycee Dugard? This is the business card for convicted sex offender Phillip Garrido's printing company which allegedly features Jaycee Dugard, the girl he allegedly kidnapped when she was just 11 years old. The National Enquirer claims Garrido handed out the contact details for his firm Printing For Less to Wayne Thompson, the owner of Wayne's Barbershop in Pittsburg, California, 10 years ago. The blonde featured in the picture is reported to be a grown-up Dugard, who Garrido introduced to Thompson as my daughter, Allissa. The female model's identity has not been confirmed, but if it is Dugard, it will be the first photo of the now-29 year old since she was discovered. Garrido and his wife Nancy are currently being held without bail in the Contra Costa County Jail in Martinez, California. They have both pleaded not guilty to charges of abduction and forcible rape. (MT/WN)


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