President Barack Obama took the unexpected step of belting out some lines of Al Green's classic soul track 'Let's Stay Together' at Manhattan's Apollo Theater on Thursday evening (January 19, 2012). The President was thanking the performers who had preceded him at the event, which included Green himself.

Breaking into song, Obama warbled the famous line "I'm, I'm so in love with you", much to audience's delight. Stopping short the rapturous applause, he joked that his staff didn't believe he would sing the line, saying, "Those guys didn't think I would do it. I told you I was going to do it". He then noted that the "Sandman" hadn't come out - referring to 'Sandman Sims', the tap dancer who chased unpopular acts off the Apollo stage for decades. Of course, Obama isn't the first President to get in-touch with his musical side - Bill Clinton would often speak of his love for the saxophones and once sang John Lennon's 'Imagine' at the 80th birthday of Shimon Peres. Later at the fundraising event for his re-election, Obama spoke of the upcoming challenge of the 2012 Presidential elections, where he will almost certainly face Republican Mitt Romney. Thanking his campaign support, the President warned against complacency, saying, ".everything we did over the last three years is now at stake in this election.America is not going to win if we do the same things".

According to The Tennessean newspaper, Obama has drawn up a list of musical stars whom he hopes will join his re-election campaign later this year. The list includes some well-known supporters including Jay Z and Alicia Keys but also includes indie band Vampire Weekend and Canadian rockers ARCADE FIRE.