U.S. presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama is planning to use rappers including JAY-Z and Kanye West to help educate the American public if he ends up moving into The White House. Democrat candidate Obama is keen to use established hip-hop superstars to help spread his message of positive social change. Speaking on U.S. TV show What's In It For Us, he said, "I've met with Jay-Z. I've met with Kanye. And I've talked to other artists about how potentially to bridge that gap." But Obama admits he's not completely comfortable with some of the lyrics contained in rap music. He added, "There are times, even on the artists I've named, the artists that I love, that there is a message that's sometimes degrading to women, uses the N-word a little too frequently. "But also something that I'm really concerned about is (they're) always talking about material things about how I can get something; more money, more cars."