A new documentary showcasing a vision of how the USA will look if President Barack Obama remains in power is gaining momentum in cinemas across America. Is it a powerful enough documentary to influence the country's voters, though? An article from Hollywood Reporter certainly suggests that the popularity of the film is starting to snowball, even in relatively liberal areas of the United States, such as New York City. '2016: Obama's America' had grossed a total of $2 million by August 21, 2012 and had increased its number of theatre outlets from 61 to 169. Now that figure has sky-rocketed to 1,075, coinciding with the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida, which began on August 27, 2012.

Just a few weeks after its release, the documentary had already become the twelfth most popular political documentary of all-time and looks as though it could challenge Michael Moore's dominance of the genre. The film's co-director, John Sullivan, told The Hollywood Reporter why he thought the film had been doing so well: "We've expanded into good markets, we've been advertising nationally for two weeks on talk radio and television news channels including Fox News Channel, AE, History and MSNBC."

Could it also be that the US public are growing weary of their president? Or is the documentary simply attracting a curious crowd, either drawn in by the film's publicity, or simply willing to open their eyes to another viewpoint. Whatever the reason, the owners of the Union Square multiplex in New York won't be complaining: Obama's America was the third highest-grossing movie behind The Dark Knight Rises and Total Recall. Will it be enough to un-seat the president though?