Bar Refaeli likes her perfume to announce her presence.

The supermodel - who was recently announced as the new face of Especially Escada - wears the same scent from day to night and loves that people can identify her by her fragrance.

She told People magazine: "I like my perfume to be suitable for day and night, and not change it. I like to have my smell, so when I'm around, people notice me and my smell and it comes together . almost like a second skin. I enter a room, they know I've arrived . well, not because of the amount."

The Israeli born model got her love of fragrances from her mother, but admitted she loves the " just-shaved smell" on men she dates.

She explained: "My mom loves perfume - she also wears it day or night - so I took that from her. We have the same taste in scents, definitely.

"My dad also has this really good smell. For guys, I prefer the just-shaved smell. I love that."

Bar also revealed she was thrilled to be chosen as the first face of Especially Escada because she has always wanted a perfume deal.

She explained: "For a model, the biggest thing is to get a perfume deal. And when I heard they wanted me to do it for a few years, I was like, 'Wow, finally!' I'm really excited about it."