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Bar Refaeli: 'Men Never Flirt With Me'

Bar Refaeli never gets hit on by men.The Israeli-born model - who came top of Maxim's Hot 100 list earlier this week - claims members of the opposite do not flirt with her despite her...

The Things They Say 25261

"Were my parents alcoholics? I get that a lot... (I was not conceived) in a bar... In Hebrew, it means boy and it means wheat and wilderness. They were hoping for a wild boy and...

The Things They Say 25252

"I'm not that confident. I actually had a thin line of underwear that they airbrushed out... When the model doesn't agree to appear to be completely naked, then they have to use the magic of...

The Things They Say 25248

"I work out a lot and I kinda have the tendency to grow muscles, so I wish that sometimes I was just like a tender little girl, but I'm really not; I kind of look...

The Things They Say 25246

"Your wife throws it away. That's exactly why I did it online, because, like, you never buy new ones and your wife, she always throws the old ones away because she likes to get rid...

Bar Refaeli Craves A Guy With Great Teeth

Supermodel Bar Refaeli is still looking for love after splitting from Leonardo DiCaprio last year (11) - but she's not interested in men with bad teeth.The Israeli stunner is hoping the honour of topping the...

Bar Refaeli Beats Lois Griffin To Top Maxim Hot 100

Bar Refaeli, the Israeli model and former girlfriend of Leonardo Dicaprio, has topped Maxim's Hot 100 list for 2012, it was announced on Tuesday (May 22, 2012). Though Refaeli has risen to become one of...

Bar Refaeli Tops Maxim's 2012 Hot 100 List

Bar Refaeli is ''happy and honoured'' to be at the top of Maxim's 2012 Hot 100 list. The 26-year-old announced her delight at being recognised as the magazine's sexiest woman of the year via her...

Leonardo Dicaprio's Ex Tops Maxim Hot 100 List

Leonardo DiCaprio's supermodel ex-girlfriend Bar Refaeli has topped the 2012 Maxim Hot 100 list.For the first time in the magazine's history, readers were allowed to vote for the hotties - and there was overwhelming support...

Bar Refaeli 'Uncomfortable' With Airport Security Patdown

Bar Refaeli has publicly complained about the invasive 'pat down' that she received from airport security on Tuesday (April 17, 2012). She posted a message on Twitter saying "I got a security 'patdown' by a...

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"I'm still wearing the same... leggings as I did yesterday! Cause my bag Still didn't arrive." Model Bar Refaeli is caught up in luggage hell on Wednesday (18Apr12) as she awaits for her lost bags...

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"2nd time in 2 weeks my bags don't arrive at the airport. God better b (be) planning something pretty major for me soon!!" Annoyed model Bar Refaeli is frustrated after her luggage fails to make...

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"I got a security 'patdown' by a woman at the airport that made me feel very uncomfortable and left no doubt about her sexual preferences." Model Bar Refaeli on her awkward airport encounter.

Fascinating Fact 13177

Leonardo DiCaprio's supermodel ex-girlfriend Bar Refaeli has shot a new ad for her underwear collection, in which she plays tennis wearing only bra, panties and a pair of running shoes.

Leonardo Dicaprio Is Still Looking For Love

Leonardo DiCaprio hasn't found true love yet. The Hollywood heartthrob is currently dating 22-year-old Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton and has previously enjoyed relationships with actress Blake Lively and models Bar Refaeli and Gisele Bundchen,...

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"i guess i can say it now- after a year break.. returning to @SI_Swimsuit Full Force!! this year, with a very exciting, refreshing, surprise!" Leonardo DiCaprio's supermodel ex-girlfriend Bar Refaeli teases fans as she prepares...

Bar Refaeli In Tears At Airport After Missing Her Flight

Supermodel Bar Refaeli's travel woes had her in tears on Wednesday (08Feb12) after she missed a second flight.Leonardo DiCaprio's ex was left stranded at an unnamed airport on Tuesday (07Feb12) after her flight was cancelled...

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"Arrived to the airport only to find out my flight got cancelled. Feeling a slight urge to punch someone." Supermodel Bar Refaeli's travel plans take a hit.

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"I finally went to the gym. Was denied cause I don't have insurance.. AA for effort though right?" Supermodel Bar Refaeli's bid to get fit is thwarted.

Bar Refaeli Is Obsessed With Laundry

Bar Refaeli is always on the hunt for a new detergent because she is obsessed with laundry.The Israeli model - who previously dated Leonardo DiCaprio - admits she loves doing cleaning clothes and is permanently...

Fascinating Fact 12729

Leonardo DiCaprio's supermodel ex Bar Refaeli turned soccer shooter in Spain on Wednesday night (25Jan12) after finding herself on the pitch for the second leg of Barcelona's Copa del Rey clash with Real Madrid. The...

Leonardo Dicaprio Wants A Girl Like His Mother

Leonardo DiCaprio says his ideal woman is like his mother.The 'J. Edgar' actor is currently dating model Erin Heatherton but he admits any girlfriend has a lot to live up to because he compares them...

The Things They Tweet 2251

"I think it's funny that Twitter keeps suggesting me to follow Leonardo Dicaprio." Model Bar Refaeli has no plans to follow her ex-boyfriend's page on the social networking site.

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"When the captain is announcing a delay because of 'a problem with the plane' is that good enough of a reason to freak out?" Supermodel Bar Refaeli is worried about a plane emergency.

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"the band aid is from cutting an avocado today- my little fingers was (sic) in the way... Clumsy". Supermodel Bar Refaeli is nursing a cut on her finger.

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"My biggest celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling because he's so talented." Leonardo DiCaprio's supermodel ex Bar Refaeli has eyes for sexy Eva Mendes' new boyfriend.

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"Walked in Starbucks, ordered, paid- and left. With no coffee in my hand. I think I need to catch up on some sleeping! Hahaha." Exhausted supermodel Bar Refaeli is forgetful after a lack of sleep.

Bar Refaeli Will Model Own Innerwear Line

Bar Refaeli will model her own innerwear line when it launches in January. The Israeli-born supermodel has created a range of items to be worn close to the skin including undershirts, tights and camisoles for...

The Things They Say 23493

"We have professional designers, of course, but my ideas and input go into every single item. I try everything before it's manufactured. I choose the fabric and have the last word on the items." Leonardo...

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"I reached my 80k goal!! Thanks guys!! Good night to all of you out there!!! Sweet dreams!" Supermodel Bar Refaeli went to sleep on Wednesday (09Nov11) with 80,000 followers.

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