A typically Banksy - esque stencil of the Queen, wearing Aladdin Sane-era David Bowie make up has appeared on a wall in the street artists native Bristol in what appears to be a pro-Monarchy nod from the usually anarchic artist.
The Jubilee celebrating painting was apparently put up last night; with sightings of it first reported this morning. The image of Her Majesty appeared on a wall previously used by Banksy on Bristol's Upper Maudlin Street, further adding to the speculation that it is a creation of the mysterious street tagger.
Whether it is an original Banksy piece or not, this is not the first Jubilee-based piece of street art purporting to be from the graffiti artist as (what could be) some of his work appeared on a London street in May. The picture, which shows a young boy of Asian origin hunched over a sewing machine, uses Union Jack bunting as a run-off of the sewing machine - an apparent nod to uniquely British celebrations. So far, it has been interpreted variously as a comment on the upcoming Olympic celebrations, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and even the riots of last summer. Unsurprisingly, the elusive street artist has not commented on either of the paintings so far.