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Babyshambles (formed 2003)
Babyshambles is an English rock band formed in London, best known for their three albums, Down in Albion (2005), Shotter's Nation (2007) and Sequel to the Prequel (2013).

Formation: The band was formed by Pete Doherty - former member of The Libertines - after he was expelled from his previous band due to drug addictions. Doherty recruited another former Libertine, Steve Bedlow, and, with the band being made-up entirely of Yorkshiremen, intended to name them T'Libertines. On the night of their first gig, Doherty was arrested for breaking into the flat of the Libertines frontman, Carl Barât. Doherty served two months in prison, before being released and re-joining The Libertines. B

Career: In April, 2004, Doherty and his potential new band released their first single 'Babyshambles' as a side project from The Libertines. A few months later, Doherty was kicked out of The Libertines for his drug use again. This time, Doherty hit back by reorganising his new band and arranging a selection of gigs for them to play. The band organised a tour through September and October of 2004, which sold out and received critical acclaim. The band released their second single, 'Killamangiro', in late November of that year. Due to a steadily increasing dependency on drugs, Doherty began to become a hindrance for the band. They had to finish a concert in Blackpool early as he was too intoxicated to perform, and one performance lead to a riot and stage invasion when he failed to appear at all. This led to the band's drummer, Gemma Clarke, quitting and being replaced by Adam Ficek of The White Sport. In 2005, the band began working on their debut studio album. Entitled 'Down in Albion', the album was released in November of that year, where it peaked at number 10 in the British album charts. The band had booked Oasis to support them on their 2005 UK tour, although Doherty missed the first performance due to attending a birthday party in another country. Oasis subsequently pulled their support for the rest of the tour. 'The Blinding EP' was released in December, 2006, to critical acclaim. In October, 2007, Babyshambles released their second album, entitled 'Shotter's Nation'. In 2010, Adam Ficek left the band to work on his own projects. He was replaced with Stereophonics drummer, Jamie Morrison, while the band worked on the recording of their third album. Entitled 'Sequel to the Prequel', the album was released in September, 2013.

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Babyshambles in Concert

Pete Doherty and Babyshambles - Pete Doherty playing with Babyshambles at the Barrowlands - Glasgow, United Kingdom - Wednesday 4th September 2013

Pete Doherty
Pete Doherty
Pete Doherty
Pete Doherty and Babyshambles
Pete Doherty

A Week In Music, Justin Timberlake's 'Rude' Video, Dinosaur Pile-Up's Promising Second Album And Babyshambles Make A 'Sequel'

Justin Timberlake Mayer Hawthorne Oberhofer Tinie Tempah Editors Dinosaur Pile-Up Rival Sons Midnight Juggernauts Babyshambles Pete Doherty

Justin Timberlake

A week in music videos... It may have received bad press recently what with the video being banned from YouTube for its nude content and such, but Justin Timberlake's new song 'Tunnel Vision' is a pretty smooth R&B track and it's not like we didn't expect from rude bits from JT; he's been talking about getting girls naked since 2002's 'Justified'! All that aside, it's what we wanted from his number one third album 'The 20/20 Experience'. Plus, it's consistent - another great track after 'Suit & Tie' and 'Mirrors'. Check out the video for yourself.

Mayer Hawthorne will soon return with his fourth album 'Where Does This Door Go' and, if it's anything like the music video to his latest track 'Her Favorite Song', it will be full of surprises. The track may be a serious mix of the melancholic and ambient, but he contrasts this by having canines run the club in this clip - and we think a bit of comedy is the best pick-me-up for a fledgling music career. Watch Mayer Hawthorne's 'Her Favorite Song' video.

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Yep, You Heard Us Right: Babyshambles Announce New UK Tour

Pete Doherty Babyshambles

It’s been six years since a Babyshambles album and a good couple since they headed around the UK on tour. Have we missed them? No, not really, even despite Pete Doherty’s middling solo efforts. In fact, since the always troubled Doherty has been in France trying to kick the smack habit it’s been quite refreshing not looking into his gaunt features at every turn, his eyes like black raisins staring out of every entertainment publication possessed with the passion of nothing at all.

Well, forget about those golden days, because Pete’s back and he’s bringing the rest of the Babyshambles crew with him. That’s right, with a third album in the works, the motley lot have thrown caution to the wind and announced a full UK tour, which will kick off in Glasgow on September 4th and finish up at Bournemouth on October 21st.

As the NME reports, the sessions that had been begun by the band were initially set to result in Doherty’s second album, but have ended up becoming this new third album – the first since 2007’s Shotter’s Nation. Expect: pork pie hats, Doherty coming on stage two hours late and Libertines covers that are superior to any of the group’s original material. Or maybe they’ll surprise us…

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Babyshambles - Pipedown (Live At The S.E.C.C.)

Babyshambles - Albion (Live At The S.E.C.C.)

Babyshambles - There She Goes (Live At The S.E.C.C.)

Babyshambles - Lost Art Of Murder / The Good Old Days (Live At The S.E.C.C.)

Babyshambles - Crumb Begging Baghead (Live At The S.E.C.C.)

Babyshambles - Sedative (Live At The S.E.C.C.)

Babyshambles - You Talk

Babyshambles - French Dog Blues

Babyshambles - Delivery

Babyshambles - The Blinding

Babyshambles - The Blinding

Babyshambles - The Blinding


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