A ferociously violent attack at a nightclub in China left Raz B on the brink of death, but he has woken up from life support, is breathing on his own and even smiling, according to The Daily Mail.

B2KB2K at the 'This Christmas' after party held at Cabana Club, Hollywood

His recovery so far is being hailed as miraculous. Having been smashed in the face with a glass bottle trying to break up a fight, Raz B underwent minor surgery to fix up a huge cut on his lip. Discharged, the rapper seemed to be okay, but the following day he failed to wake up, leading one of his backing dancers to rush him into hospital again.

He was then in a coma, something his publicist confirmed. “He is in a coma and needs as many prayers as possible,” Toy Jones told TMZ. And now, thankfully, he’s responsive, awake, and even cracking the odd smile as doctors continue to work on his wounds.

Along with Omarion, Lil’ Fizz, and J-Boog, Raz-B and B2K helped put R&B back in the map in the early 2000s. “Bump Bump Bump” and “What A Girl Wants” made them a modern version of Boyz II Men. The 28-year-old singer has recently signed with the Dutch music label Kameleon Music Group, so, once he’s fully healed, we shoud have some more music from the star.

Raz-B - also known as De'Mario Monte Thornton - is also used to hospital beds; in 2012, he fell through a glass door, accidentally slashing his wrists and losing a huge amount of blood. “MAN…. Cherish life and your loved one’s. You just never know. THANK YOU LORD FOR SAVING MY LIFE,” he tweeted after the accident.

Raz-BRaz-B [left] in Cali. back in 2009